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SPEAK UP 2024! Chico PD holding a meeting on Military Equipment on Thursday, March 28 and City Council Meeting Tuesday, April 2, 2024

This upcoming Thursday, March 28, 6pm, at Chico City Council chambers, Chico Police Chief Aldridge will hold a Community Engagement Meeting.

 It is an opportunity to discuss Chico Police Department's military equipment use, acquisition, and funding.

The decision to approve or disapprove the renewal of Chico PD's Military Equipment Use Policy 709 is currently scheduled for the Chico City Council regular meeting (open to the public) on Tuesday April 2, at 6 pm. City Council is the governing body that makes the final decision.......with its final vote scheduled for April 16, at its regular Tuesday meeting.

Signed into law in 2021, California's AB 481 requires law enforcement agencies (including Chico PD) report annually to their governing body regarding the equipment they possess that the State classifies as military. 

Why does Chico PD need these these weapons? We have to ask ourselves what kind of policing we want, and how will these kinds of weapons get us closer to what we want?

CC4J urges the public to step up to our civic read up on this issue.......look up CA AB 481 and Chico PD Military Equipment Use Policy 709 and current 2023-24 Military Equipment Report.......and attend these make sure the Chico Police Department and Chico City Council gets our input about the kind of policing we want and whether the weapons of war, and the rules (or lack of rules) for their use, will help achieve that.

If unable to attend these meetings, let's not at least miss this opportunity to engage with our City Police Department and Council members by email.

Concerned Community for Justice (CC4J) promotes a kind of policing that "works to eliminate the use of force and makes every attempt to preserve human life."

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