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CC4J Stories Project

Concerned Community for Justice (CC4J) is calling for testimonials or stories from those that have witnessed or directly experienced police misconduct by the Chico Police Department (CPD) or their law enforcement partners (DA, Butte County Sheriff's Office, California Highway Patrol, Chico State University-Chico Police, and private security services). We want to add to the data CPD and the Chico City Council have accumulated in order to understand police contact with the community for whom they work.

CC4J recognizes that some Chico community members and visitors are easily deterred from making legitimate complaints of misconduct or their complaints are not addressed nor recorded with the seriousness they deserve.


We encourage those with a 'story' or complaint to provide it in whatever way they feel comfortable, written, audio or video. Stories can be sent directly to the CC4J Stories Project website, messaged thru Facebook, or you can contact a representative of the project to assist you with your story.

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Photo by Karen Laslo

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