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CC4J Coalition


The CC4J Coalition is an alliance of community organizations and individuals who support transforming local law enforcement for the improved health and safety of our community. Many community members & organizations are joining our Coalition. We know there is power in numbers. Contact us below.  

Police reform is happening across the nation. CC4J was founded in 2017 in response to the police killing of a young black man in Chico experiencing a mental health crisis. Over the years CC4J has grown and continues to grow in its advocacy for changes in the culture of policing. We have developed an Action Plan to Transform Policing in Chico, and work toward its implementation. We meet with City Officials, present at City Council meetings, research “best practices” and more!  A “Coalition” in support of our Action Plan makes it harder for public officials to ignore us. 

Love - peace 2.png

"Peace, Love and Equality"  Artwork by Danielle Frid

Coalition members and/or organizations give CC4J permission to add their names publicly when promoting our goals. Additionally, Coalition members may choose to:


1. Provide stories or data about how you, your organization or community is affected by interactions with law enforcement.

2. Lobby elected officials, attend meetings, speak to Chico City Council about needed changes in Chico’s policing.

3. Communicate with local media (letters to the editor, press statements) describing concerns regarding local police practices.

4. Join a CC4J committee, send a liaison from your group and/or attend our monthly General Meetings.

5. Volunteer, promote or co-sponsor CC4J’s presentations and events

6. Help build the Coalition by inviting other community groups and individuals to join.

Use the Contact form below. A CC4J member will be in touch soon.

Please contact me about joining the CC4J Coalition.

Thanks for your interest in joining our coalition!

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our Coalition!

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