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SPEAK UP! Chico PD holding a meeting on Military Equipment

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The annual report presented by Chief Aldridge of Chico PD's Military Equipment Use Policy is currently scheduled for the Chico City Council's regular meeting on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 6pm. The City Council is the governing body that makes the final decision. Chico Police Chief Aldridge will be holding a Community Engagement Meeting, scheduled for Thursday, April 27,2023 at 6pm in the Chico City Council Chambers. It is an opportunity to discuss Chico Police Department's Military Equipment use and acquisition and funding. These two events are required by the state’s law, AB 481. Please attend to give your input.

Signed into law in 2021, California’s AB 481 requires Chico PD to report annually to the public and to the City Council regarding the gear they possess that the State classifies as military, whether stockpiled years ago or newly acquired, or whether acquired from the Dept. of Defense or another entity.

Why does Chico PD need these weapons? Does the community want our police to spend their budget on the training, maintenance, storage of these weapons rather than on increased training in de-escalation, crisis intervention and implicit bias? These questions and more are posed by CC4J. We urge the community to take the opportunity to speak on this issue at these events.

The public is urged to attend the Community Engagement meeting with Chico Police Chief Aldridge, to speak up on the Chico PD’s Use Policy 709 and the Chico City Council Meeting.

It is vitally important that your voice be heard on this topic that affects the well- being of our entire community.

If unable to attend the meetings, the public is urged to share their input with their council members. They can also review Chico PD's Military Equipment Policy 709. Any member of the public can register a question or concern regarding this policy by contacting the Chico Police Dept. Professional Standards Unit at

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