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CC4J presents to the Chico City Council April 6, 2020

Chico City Council is in contract negotiations with the Chico Police Officers Association. This is a good time to urge them to include funding to cover some of CC4J highest priorities.

A letter went out to council members (attached) and Grace Marvin and Julien Zener are providing two presentations during "business from the floor".

Please join us at the Council meeting via zoom tomorrow. You can send in comments up to 90 minutes ahead of when the meeting starts - before 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. See the attached for instructions on commenting during "Engaged Chico" civic engagement program. Engaged Chico may be accessed through the City of Chico website at

cc4J presentation,CouncilPOA contract
Download PD • 475KB

instructions to view and speak at CityCo
Download • 169KB

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