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Memorial for the Fallen: Families remember seven people shot by law enforcement.

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Photo by Karen Laslo

At left, Gabriel Sanchez is now 17 and was only 10 when his father, Eddie Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Sanchez, was killed by Chico police. At right is Gabe Sanchez’s stepmother, Sheryl Sanchez.

Families remember seven people shot by law enforcement.

Scott Rushing and Paula Rushing lost their son, Tyler Rushing after he was shot by a security guard and a Chico Police Department officer in 2017. They are still mourning.

On Saturday, the pair hosted a memorial on the fifth anniversary of the death of their son with the company of the families and friends of six other people who were also killed during officer involved shootings in Butte County.

Joined together in the halls of Trinity United Methodist Church, Tyler Rushing, Breanne Sharpe, Andrew Thomas, Gabriel Sanchez, Desmond Phillips, Stephen Vest and Myra Micalizio were remembered and celebrated.

The memorial started with a 38-second moment of silence for the seven people.

“We’re not here today to vilify the police,” said Scott Rushing. “We’re not here as a critique — we could all do that for many days with many reasons. The overarching theme is to humanize our loved ones.”

Chico Police Department Chief Matt Madden declined to comment. The Chico Police Officers’ Association was contacted for comment and did not respond in time for publication.

Read the full article in the Chico Enterprise Record here: Chico Enterprise Record

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