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Why can't Police Reform succeed in Santa Monica?

499 views Nov 10, 2022

Amid mass protests following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, Santa Monica, California faced its own tipping point when police mishandled multiple disruptive events in the city. More than two years later, those events are an ongoing source of division—and frustrated Santa Monica residents are still seeking answers. The Stanford Center for Racial Justice examines how the city’s move toward embracing civilian oversight and police reform started with promise, only to be met with immediate, intentional resistance. Even with well-meaning community members pushing for trust and accountability, why has reform been so difficult nationwide? And if Santa Monica cannot implement civilian oversight, then is it incorrect to label it a progressive city committed to racial justice? Read more about our On the Ground: Santa Monica case study, including a timeline, chronology, essays, and Q&As with community reformers. Subscribe to our SCRJ Newsletter and Racial Justice Weekly: Follow us on LinkedIn:

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