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The Long Live Love Foundation

Dear friends, thank you for visiting our page. We are the family and friends of Reverend David McCarter and Immanuel McCarter, whose legacies we honor as we launch the Long Live Foundation.

This non-profit aims to serve families traumatically affected by police brutality. Our mission is to provide support, resources and a safe healing space for those who have witnessed or experienced excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies and mental healthcare systems, resulting in harm, trauma and loss of life.

Our youngest brother, Immanuel was 13 years old when our father brought home a guitar. It propelled his passion for music as he studied and played guitar with him daily. Ten days following Immanuel's 16th birthday, our father was killed by a police officer on church property. The officer put his knee on his back to bleed him out, and paramedics didn't show up until an hour after the shooting. This loss shook not only our family, but the greater communities that Reverend David McCarter and our mother Gabrielle McCarter have served.

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