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Thank you letter written to Governor Newsom

CC4J just posted a letter to Governor Newsom thanking him for nominating Rob Bonta to be California's next Attorney General. We are pleased that, with his confirmation, Bonta will work with us toward real police reform in our state.

Here is the body of the letter:

April 1, 2021

Dear Governor Newsom:

I am writing on behalf of Concerned Citizens for Justice (CC4J) to thank you for your appointment of Rob Bonta to California’s highest law enforcement position, State Attorney General. CC4J is a citizens group advocating for reform of law enforcement in the City of Chico and the County of Butte. We wrote to you on March 2, urging you replace then-Attorney General Xavier Becerra with a progressive-minded Attorney General who is committed to police reform.

During his 34-year tenure, Butte County’s District Attorney Mike Ramsey has a record of almost 100% exoneration of officers involved with 37 fatal officer-involved shootings. As a result, numerous complaints requesting impartial investigations have been filed with the CA State Attorney General’s office over the years. We have been continuously frustrated that such complaints have not been met with a serious commitment to impartiality. With Rob Bonta at the helm, we have great hope that appeals to his office will be thoroughly investigated.

Governor Newsom, this appointment of Rob Bonta as State Attorney General indicates your commitment to thorough reform of law enforcement practices in the State of California. We at CC4J welcome your stance at this crucial time, and thank you for taking this courageous position.


Emily Alma, Coordinator

Concerned Citizens for Justice

Chico, CA

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