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Racism and Police Inseparable in Chico

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Recently, Chico was featured in an article in The Guardian. Author Aaron Miguel Cantú opens with a statement about how Chico is the ideal place to live, except for the racism and the police -- which are inseparable.

This is not news to groups like CC4J (Concerned Citizens for Justice), a Butte County-based non-partisan citizens group who have been calling for a police culture that values the dignity of all citizens, eliminates the use of excessive force, and preserves human life.

The article was part of the "Overpoliced, Underprotected" series and focused primarily on the story of Desmond Phillips who was killed by Chico PD in March of 2017.

What has transpired in the four years since has granted more power to the police, according to the article and according to organized community groups like Concerned Citizens for Justice (CC4J), who are continuing to demand meaningful change.

Will you join CC4J today and ensure your voice is heard??

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