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Marin County working on Sheriff Oversight


The November 14, 2019 Raid On Halloween night 2019, a party at an Orinda residence in Contra Costa County was interrupted by gunfire. The shooting resulted in five deaths and four injuries. Two weeks later, in the early morning of November 14th, approximately 60 Contra Costa law enforcement officers and Marin County Sheriff's deputies conducted a coordinated raid on three residences in central Marin City, arresting two suspects in the Halloween shooting. The raid started around 7:45 a.m. as families left their homes to go to school and work. Community members were met with armored vehicles and dozens of heavily armed law enforcement officers, many in tactical gear.10 School officials in Sausalito and Mill Valley reported that students arrived at school traumatized by the incident. The Wellness Center at Tamalpais High School counseled many students impacted by the raid. School officials invited sheriff’s representatives to talk to the students, but the talk was postponed by the Sheriff’s Office and never rescheduled.

California Law Now Permits Citizen Oversight The passage of AB 1185 provides counties with a new and potentially powerful method for oversight of California sheriffs.22 It enables counties to create an oversight board with subpoena powers and appoint civilian members. It provides a tool to assist county boards of supervisors in their statutorily mandated duty to supervise sheriffs.23 Prior to enactment of AB 1185, only a small minority of counties, known as “charter counties,” had the ability to create oversight boards with subpoena powers.24 Following adoption of AB 1185, all counties, including Marin, now have the authority to create an oversight board with subpoena powers.

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