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LTE in Chico ER by Scott Rushing


District Attorney Michael Lee Ramsey got his 45-year perfect attendance pin from the Butte County Board of Supervisors. However, he still has not filed criminal charges against the “peace officers” who violated Dana James’s civil rights and exhibited disregard for ethics and the law. His proclamation did not mention the eye-popping thirty-eight citizens who were the victims of fatal officer-involved shootings. Ramsey's self-serving acceptance speech omitted the fact he represents all the people of Butte County, not just law enforcement "peace officers." Many families suffer from Ramsey's reluctance to file criminal charges against his colleagues. Your Board of Supervisors has emboldened Ramsey's controversial exonerations of officers who should have been judged by a civilian jury, not Ramsey alone. Ramsey has never called for an independent investigation of the killings. He insists his hand-picked "Protocol Team" is unbiased, but these are illusory investigations due to his unethical personal involvement. It appears the Butte County Board of Supervisors and Ramsey have forgotten that no one is above the law...or beneath its protection.

Scott Rushing Ventura, CA

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