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LTE by Loree Monroe on Military Equipment Use Policy

Per California law, AB481, “The acquisition of military equipment and its deployment in our communities adversely impacts the public’s safety and welfare … and (incurs) significant financial costs. The public has the right to know … (and) … participate in any government agency’s decision to fund, acquire, or use such equipment … Legally enforceable safeguards, including transparency, oversight, and accountability measures, must be in place to protect the public’s welfare, safety, civil rights, and civil liberties before military equipment is funded, acquired, or used.”

As we all have seen, inappropriate use of force by police is an ongoing concern across this nation. Chico Police Department (CPD) developed policy 709 on Military Equipment as required by AB481. One can view the policy on the CPD website. There is an upcoming review of the policy and the military equipment that is owned by CPD on Thursday, April 27, 2023 and it will be held at the Chico City Council Chambers at 6 p.m.

The Chico City Council will review the military equipment policy and equipment list at their regularly scheduled meeting on April 4, 2023. Comments are welcome from the public. City Councilors may be contacted prior to the council meeting via email, see City of Chico Website. To learn more about these issues go to: or check out Chico Community for Justice on Facebook. I invite citizens of Chico to review this information and to ask questions regarding the use of military grade equipment in our community at these upcoming forums. — Loree Monroe, Chico

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