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LTE by Loree Monroe

Chico ER

There is a need for police to be more accountable to the public and to remove the few ‘bad apples.’ One method would be for police to look at the registration methods used by nurses.

As a Registered Nurse, I completed my nursing education at a nationally certified nursing program; I took a standardized national test, a state reviewed my credentials and then provided me with a Registered Nurse license. I believe the fact that nurses all share a basic knowledge and skill is one reason nurses are consistently identified as one of the most trusted professions.

If an employer or a patient notes any problems or concerns with my ability to safely do my job as a nurse: they can file a complaint to the state board. This complaint is investigated by the state board, not by the employer of the nurse.

For nurses, some form of this system has been in place for at least a century. Today, it is highly consistent across the USA. I suggest that a similar system be put in place for police. It would ensure three things that are currently lacking: a standardized basic education, verification of learning by a standardized exam and an oversight body that is not related directly to the employer: a standalone state board of police licensure.

This would be a step toward protecting the public from a few bad apples. Our good police deserve the trust and respect that this system would enhance.

— Loree Monroe, Chico

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