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LTE by Diane Suzuki in the Chico ER

Chico Police Dept's Military Equipment Use Policy 709 was developed to comply with California AB 481 and is up for renewal or amendment in its annual review process in April. Chico City Council is the decision making body.

Signed into law in 2021, AB 481's intention is to increase transparency about what is in law enforcements' possession at the city, county, college and carceral facilities. It requires reporting of funding, acquisition, use and oversight of military equipment.

AB 481 states the public has the right to be informed of any additional purchases and renewals.

Why does Chico PD need these weapons?

Does the community want our police to spend their budget on the maintenance, storage and training of these weapons rather than on increased training in deescalation, CIT Crisis Intervention and implicit bias?

Will the use of these weapons violate the civil rights of our community?

Demilitarization is the direction our police must go in to provide public safety. The acquisition of military equipment is the antithesis of deescalation. Community policing does not include the stockpiling of military weapons rather foot patrols, community beat officers, and Town Halls do. The well-being of the community depends on more trust of and less intimidation by local police.

Please attend the Community Engagement/ presentation scheduled for Thursday, April 27,2023 led by Chief Aldridge at the Chico City Council Chambers at 6pm.

The final decision to approve or disapprove Chico PD's Military Equipment Use Policy will be on the Chico City Council's agenda on Tuesday, April 4 at 6pm.

Diane Suzuki

1605 Manzanita Ave. Chico

530 518-9122

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