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Chico 2022 crime stats report shows drop in crime compared to year prior Brandon Downs May 16, 2022

CHICO, Calif. - The Chico Police Department released its 2022 annual report on Tuesday and crime in the city is down compared to the year before.

The report says the police department responded to 14 fewer violent crimes in 2022 compared to 2021, a 2% drop. In 2021, there were 564 violent crimes reported with 550 last year.

As for property crimes, the report shows a 40% decrease. Last year, the police department reported 1,465 property crimes, compared to 2,422 in 2021.

The police department reported one homicide last year. In 2020 and 2021, there were three homicides each year, according to the report.

Vehicle theft was at its lowest point in at least five years. Last year, the police department reported 243 vehicle thefts, down from 458 the year prior, a 47% decrease.

Theft of personal property was also at its lowest number in at least five years. It was down 40% compared to 2021.

The annual report showed 69 fewer burglaries, four fewer robberies, 16 fewer rapes and six more aggravated assaults.

The police department was dispatched to nearly 47,000 calls for service. This led to 5,032 arrests and citations issued.

Of those contacts, officers used force in 72 of the contacts. Of the 72 uses of force, the crime report shows it was used 25 times during disturbance incidents and 16 times in a criminal investigation.

The violent suppression unit investigated 46 cases and served 45 search warrants. The unit made 25 arrests, including a shooting suspect in January, a suspect in an attack on a runner at the Chico High track, and a shooting suspect at a house party in September.

The major accident investigation team investigated 13 crashes, including nine deadly crashes and four leading to criminal charges.

As for staffing at the Chico Police Department, Billy Aldridge was promoted to Chief of Police, Tony Ferreira was promoted to a sergeant and Loren Ferreira was promoted to the communication supervisor.

The police department made 18 new hires, including K-9 Pyro who has already assisted in multiple arrests.

Seven staff members retired, including Chief Matt Madden in September. He had been the chief of police since August 2020.

The entire police report can be seen in the PDF attached below.

Chico Police Department Total Operating Budget* $32,488,790

Salaries & Benefits $26,758,927 Materials & Supplies $621,986

Purchased Services $428,721

Other Expenses $560,659 Allocations

For Utilities and Internal Services $4,118,497

For further details, please see the FY2022-23 Final Annual Budget on the City of Chico website at:

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