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From Grassroots Law Project Can you call your Assembly member by this Thursday to tell them to pass 3 crucial bills to reform California’s police system? The bills are SB 2, SB 299, and SB 710, and the number to use is 510-726-9249 The California Assembly just returned from summer break and we now have a chance to pass three bills that would make systemic changes to stop police violence, and save lives. We need to mobilize THIS WEEK to make sure they pass.

This Thursday, the Assembly Appropriations Committee will vote on three bills: SB 2, which would establish a system to de-certify police officers who commit violence on the job, and stop them from switching departments to keep their badge and gun when fired.

SB 299, which would provide a fund to compensate families of victims of police violence so that they have the resources and support they need to bury loved ones, grieve, and access services.

SB 710, which would end conflicts of interests in District Attorney’s offices by stopping DAs who receive money from cop unions from overseeing police violence cases.

If you agree it’s time to hold police accountable, support victims of police violence, and root out conflicts of interest in DA offices, can you call 510-726-9249 and tell your Assembly member now to tell them to support SB 2, SB 299, and SB 710?

Call now

If passed, these bills will create systemic changes that will help stop police brutality and injustice at their source. Together we can make sure they become law. We have until Thursday to push them forward.

Thank you for calling,

Grassroots Law Project

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