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 Chico City Council Candidates

CC4J sent a questionnaire to all of the eight candidates for the open seats on the Chico City Council in September, 2022.  Below are the responses received from Addison Winslow.


District 4 - Addison Winslow   contact:  Addison Winslow for Council

Questions for Chico City Council Candidates 

1. In “21stCentury Policing”, law enforcement is called upon to be “guardians, not warriors” to build trust and legitimacy both within agencies and with the public. What police reform do you see is needed in Chico and what will you do to enact this reform? 


My priorities are citizen-run citizen oversight, de-escalation training and protocols, and establishing a mental health crisis response team to divert some 911 calls from the police. 

2. Chico Police Dept. uses ‘Lexipol’, a for- profit criminal justice company, to write our Use of Force policy. Officers learn deescalation techniques at the Butte College Academy but CC4J advocates for even more training. Will you support a local use of force policy that encourages increased training in de-escalation and overall humane policing?       Yes. 

3. What method should be used to hold officers accountable for excessive use of force? 


A citizen oversight board should review complaints and recommend appropriate disciplinary action. 

4. CC4J advocates for Mental Health professionals to be sent to the call when someone is having an episode rather than Law enforcement.

Describe what role you think Behavioral Health should play in such cases. 


Butte County Behavioral Health should aid in staffing, managing, and funding a professional mental health crisis intervention team. 


5. Although there is PCAB- Police Citizens Advisory Board, there is no independent civilian oversight in our law enforcement agency in Chico. Do you agree that independent civilian oversight is needed? If so, how will you promote oversight as a Councilor? 


Yes, the police cannot be isolated from public criticism and accountability. Establishing a citizen oversight board as a check on the Police Department is a priority. 


6. One of the oversights the City Council has over the Chico Police Dept. is through the budget. How will you use the power of that oversight to guide law enforcement? 


Every year the police budget should be reviewed and the City should compare alternative methods of improving public safety, like redesigning high-crime areas for more public surveillance.

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