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CSUC Chief of University Police hit with allegations of racism in the workplace

Chico State Interim Chief of Police Christopher Nicodemus has been named in a court filing from Sept. 15, alleging accusations of racist bullying against several current and former members of Oroville Police Department (OPD).

In the filing, the plaintiff, former officer Michael Sears, alleges that then lieutenant Nicodemus made negative comments about him that were perceived to be about his race, and that this was part of a pervasive pattern of bullying by Nicodemus and other officers.

According to the complainant, Nicodemus approached Sears while he was working in the Sergeant’s office with permission and ordered him to vacate the office, to which Sears responded “Okay, I’ll also drink from the colored only water fountain,” to which Nicodemus is alleged to have said “Yeah.”

The complainant also alleges that according to a 2018 grievance filed by Sears, Nicodemus told Sears he needed to leave the Sergeant’s office because his presence as an “African American” made others “uncomfortable.”

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