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CC4J Press Release on Tyler Rushing Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision

December 17, 2021

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has just released its ruling on the case of Tyler Rushing. Tyler Rushing was a young man killed by local law enforcement personnel in 2017. This Court held that excessive and unreasonable force was used to subdue him, and sent the case back to district court for trial. The Court also re-instated all state law claims against Chico police officers, Chico Police Department, and the City of Chico. Tyler Rushing’s parents will take this civil suit to district court, where all the Chico Police Department defendants who were involved in the killing of their son will go on trial.

This case, as well as other cases involving local law enforcement use of excessive or lethal force is being closely followed by Concerned Citizens for Justice (CC4J). Concerned Citizens for Justice is a Chico-based police reform group calling for a transformation of the local policing culture.

ChicoSol investigative reporter Dave Waddell revealed the extent to which the Chico Police Department and Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey have been neither transparent nor accountable to the public regarding the Chico Police Department’s use of excessive force. They failed to provide police reports and video camera data requested by the Rushings’ attorneys. Their failure to release this information violates the California Public Records Act.

The trial date and location have not yet been set. Concerned Citizens for Justice will continue to update the public.

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Read ChicoSol articles : withheld-rushing family-suit/



Request an independent investigation, contact: CA. Attorney General Rob Bonta…

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